Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Herb Tea An Erotic Adventure

Celestial seasonings


I am an avid tea drinker, I do not care what type it is, where it comes from or what it’s all about as long as it is all natural, not fooled with and is made with real tea ingredients. If it is organic or third party non GMO verified then all the better, but I will try pretty much any tea and I have tried a lot. I drink tea daily, it is part of my life as an herbalist for the Shikata Eco-Village & Zen Homestead. Bengal Spice by Celestial Seasonings, to this day, remains my favorite tea in the world and in this review I will tell you why. From it’s many health benefits to it’s erotic aroma and extraordinary taste, this tea has it all. In review format,

“I give Bengal Spice herb tea by Celestial Seasonings 5 of 5 stars.”

First I want you to understand that this tea is as erotic and aromatic as the artistic box suggests. I like the box. Before I go into this reviews I want to get something out of the way. A rumor that I know has been floating around that Celestial Seasoning teas contain fluoride or that they are dangerous due to some chemical in them. This is utterly false, I have done my homework, I have talked to the company directly and I have investigated as a Journalist for Yahoo! Inc., Examiner.com and CBS news.com and have found these rumors to be not only false and misleading, but dangerous to a company that basis it’s sole purpose of existence on formulating healthy herbal, green, white, red and black teas for the people that love tea. We need more companies like this tea company in play in today’s marketplace. The people need to learn about the health benefits of tea and especially herbal teas. This tea is close to resembling an exotic Chai tea from India. The spices in this tea are wonderfully balanced to produce a truly one of a kind flavor and the aroma has been known to create memories.

I drank this tea 13 years ago standing in the delivery room of my wife during the day our daughter was born. To this day, the aroma of this tea produces the memory of that wonderful day every time I brew a cup. The flavor is strong, a very cultured tea. If it had a personality, it would probably be like Ghandi. The ingredients are: Cinnamon, roasted chicory, roasted carob, natural spice and vanilla flavors with other natural flavors, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, cloves and nutmeg. When you smell this tea brewing and when you taste a cup of the tea, it is extraordinary! So robust, yet so smooth. I prefer to drink this tea with honey and cream and always warm, however, I have drank this tea cold and I must say it is very good over ice as well. With ingredients like those, the tea is a great tea to give your children who may be suffering from a fever. Black pepper alone, is a fever reducer. The health benefits of cinnamon and honey are unquestionable and using spices like these during times of illness will surely decrease your healing time.

Because of it’s ginger ingredient, Bengal Spice herbal tea is also a good tea to use if you are suffering from any digestive ailment, such as indigestion. Ginger remains one of the most successful herbs/foods for instantly healing digestive complaints. If the taste, aroma, and health benefits of this tea are not enough to lure you into trying it, then maybe you will find comfort in knowing that their tea bags are compostable, and their tea boxes are all 100% recyclable. Isn’t it time to really enjoy good health again? Start with some great herb teas and you won’t go wrong.

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7 thoughts on “Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Herb Tea An Erotic Adventure

  1. Hi I just found this wonderful tea. I just love it so much. I was wondering if you know what else it can help with. I have drank it this week and have felt so much better. I am so sick of diet soda and koolaide with stevea in it. I am sick of the sweetness which is very odd for me. But this tea is so good and so sweet and hits the spot. I do add fresh lemon to it as well. But I am wondering if it can help with muscle pain/spasms. I have so many issues with muscle spasms in my back and yet I have felt very good these past few days. I feel like I have lost weight and can walk further again. I would love any information you can give me on this tea. I am researching to find out what benefits I might see if I drink this long term instead of other drinks that have stuff like stevea in it. I also have diabetes and try to not drink stuff with added sugar in it like normal Coke. I am leaving my email in this post and hope to hear back if possible. Thanks for this post. I am happy to know that this is one of the best that I could have fallen in love with.


    1. Hi Joy, I am an herbalist. So I will tell you that some of the reason you have found relief after starting to drink this tea is because of the herbs. Herbs are natural, so they mix well with your body. Its what you are supposed to be consuming, that is, natural beverages….and food. So maybe the fact that you are putting good herbs into your body, or the fact that you are possibly NOT consuming poison?? Drinking such things as you mentioned is deadly poison, actually. Your body is not made to have that put into it, so pains and problems are a normal response. Then again, maybe there is one ingredient or more, that has healing properties. It would be enlightening for you if you done research on each ingredient and see what you find. Here are the ingredients to this tea: Cinnamon, roasted chicory, roasted carob, natural spice and vanilla flavors with other natural flavors, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, cloves and nutmeg.

      On a side note, if you want natural relief from muscle pains and spasms, check into using Turmeric capsules daily (1500 MG). This is anti-inflammatory. Try adding Valerian Root tincture into your teas or juices, at 4 tsps each 16 oz cup. When you are hurting. Kava Kava herb and boneset also help with pain and muscle pain and spasms. But to really fix the issue that causes your symptoms, you need to get to the reason and treat that instead of treating symptoms.


  2. Good Night Nurse January 14, 2021 — 3:48 am

    wow! what a great review of this amazing tea. i was reading many people think that the “natural flavors,” are a way to sneak aspartame or some other form of sugar into the tea. i’m glad to hear you don’t think that is true. i love the tea straight with nothing in it!


    1. 100% not true. Aspartame has to be listed, rules of the FDA. Thanks for reading, this is still my favorite tea of all time.


  3. I know this is many years old, but I would love clarification; dear author, did you mean “exotic” rather than “erotic,” which is specifically sexual?

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    1. Lol it’s according to the person isn’t it 😋 it’s so good you might find yourself enjoying an orgasm in your mouth!


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