Dr. Sharp’s Dental Products Paving The Way To A Healthier Smile

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Have you been looking around for dental products, specifically toothpaste, that does not contain fluoride and also tastes great at the same time? If not, why not? The dangers of fluoride are well known these days. People have woken up to the truth of over fluoridation of the American people, mostly on purpose, and are staying away from water, dental work and dental products that contain this seriously dangerous poison. I am a natural living specialist and raise my family all natural, non GMO, organic as possible and definitely teach them about the dangers of fluoride and of the lies that tell you that fluoride is good for you and that you need fluoride.

Enter Dr. Sharp’s dental products. A great tasting line of fluoride free dental products, including green tea mint flavored dental floss, children’s wild berry flavored toothpaste, fresh mint flavored with green tea adult toothpaste and fresh mint flavored mouth wash. I had the opportunity recently to try this line of products and I am a hard person to impress when it comes to items that claim “all natural” products because in my line of work (writing), I have to keep my natural living knowledge pretty fine tuned. I know about the very relaxed and bogus rules the FDA and USDA has written for “all natural” products. However, impressed I was, especially at the fact that the adult toothpaste was not “pasty” tasting or gritty in any way, in fact it actually tasted great and was smooth and left my mouth feeling truly fresh and clan and also very cool! My wife tried the toothpaste as well and had similar statements to make.

As for the children’s toothpaste, well my daughter has been raised with all the knowledge I have to impart because I do not want her growing up ignorant to fluoride poisoning, she liked the toothpaste! I was impressed at just that fact. She stated that using the toothpaste did not feel like a “chore” and it made her want to brush her teeth, wow. After using the toothpaste I tried the mouthwash, again not a big fan of mouthwashes because all they like to do is leave a bad after taste and the burn, is outrageous, usually containing alcohol. Well Dr. Sharp’s mouthwash does not contain any alcohol but wow was it cleansing! This probably was the best mouth wash I have ever tried, truly. I loved how it felt like it was cool and doing a very good job at killing germs and making my breath smell very good. the mint flavor was great, smooth and sort of relaxing. There was a burn, but I associated it with a powerful cleaning ability.

As for the dental floss, it was different. The floss was green tea mint flavored, flat instead of like a string, strong and there was a good bit on the box, I expect it will last a very long time and I still have not had it break on my teeth yet.

“Over all I give Dr. Sharp’s dental products, all over them, a 5 star rating because any product that capitalizes on great taste, comfort, effectiveness and does not contain fluoride is worth it.”

I will be talking about this company and their products to all those that ask for my advice of where to buy fluoride free dental products.

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