Official Review: Alvita Teas Are Top Quality


Being an Herbalist I have had the opportunity to sample quite a few herbs from different companies and natural food stores nationwide. I have also used many medicinal herbs and still do almost every day of my life. Recently I was turned onto Alvita Teas by a PR friend of mine who recommended I try their teas. So I went to their website to check them out and was surprised to see that Twinlab, one of the leading supplement companies in the country, owned Alvita teas! I decided to send in for some samples and was treated very well, generous to say the least.

Some of the teas I tried and am talking specifically about here in this review are their Milk Thistle, Raspberry, Ginger-Peppermint, Goldenseal-Echinacea, Dandelion Root, Red Clover, Green Tea and Holy Basil. One thing I should mention is that usually when you try and get an herb tea for say, something you are trying to treat naturally, such as a sinus infection, it is hard to just get a certain medicinal herb all by itself in a tea bag that is not “blended” with some other herb. Alvita, that I know of, is the only company that will sell you individual herbs prepared in tea bags such as Dandelion Root. This is good for you because, if you know what you need to use to treat an issue you have, you can just order that specific herb. And if you need more than one, you can order them separate and blend them how you need too yourself.

A word about taste: “Alvita teas are top quality, they are medicinal quality and they are pharmaceutical quality”, from my expert review of the boxes I received. Usually you can tell, if you are well experienced in herbs, if the quality is pharmaceutical grade of not. Why does this matter to you the consumer? Because, buyer beware, most herbs on the retail market today are watered down versions of the real deal. That means you can go into your local department store and walk to the nutritional section and pick you out a bottle of dandelion root and think, “well I am going home to detox now”. Problem is, your watered down dandelion root you just paid small dollars for will give you just what you paid for, next to nothing in health benefits. If you want to get serious about herbs, I suggest, as an expert and Herbalist, go for the pharmaceutical grade herbs/teas.

You need to do your homework to know who uses what herbs and who to trust, brand wise, that is one reason for this review. Alvita teas, as far as I could tell are well worth your money and the taste is very medicinal. When you make a cup of Dandelion Root mixed with their Red Clover tea, using one tea bag from each box, you can taste the difference. You know you are getting a pharmaceutical dosage which will deliver the herbal medicine you need. Not only are these teas, awesome and good for you, not only are they the real deal and well worth you buck, but they actually taste great! I was very surprised with their Echinacea-Goldenseal blend tea because if you have ever used Goldenseal you will know that it usually tastes like dirt, although, the health benefits are untouchable. Their Echinacea-Goldenseal blend tea is just perfect. An expert blend of what you need when you are trying to naturally treat something such as a sinus infection of URI etc.

The boxes are nice looking and professional looking as well, in my opinion. When you look at their box of Green Tea, you know you are getting a top quality tea. Alvita teas are NON GMO, and these teas I am talking about in this review are also organic, which means we do not have to worry if they have been sprayed with dangerous pesticides or other chemicals. I rate Alvita Tea with 5 stars and you will too.When you are in the market for a serious herbal healing, look no further than Alvita herb teas, you won’t be sorry.

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