Official Review: The Chocolate Therapist Chocolate Bars- You Need This


A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me if I may be interested in checking into TheChocolate Therapist for some samples for possible official reviews and blog posts in return. Of course I was intrigued at the thought of getting the chance to receive some chocolates in exchange for some writing of reviews on the products. I never expected what I got! Right off the bat I knew this chocolate was different. I had already been informed that the ingredients The Chocolate Therapist uses is all non genetically modified (GMO), which in today’s world, is a very important detail when you are inquiring about candy.

Because it was non GMO is what ultimately led me to agreeing to trying their chocolates. It is so hard to find non GMO candy today, so when I find some I jump on it and I am such a supporter of anything non GMO I just want to inform the world of the company’s existence. I received 6 chocolate bars that you can see there in the photo. Just to introduce these decadent chcolate bars let me say they are from left to right Almond Created Equal which is a mix of almonds and dark chocolate, Double Shot which is a mix of 77% dark chocolate and ground espresso beans, Super Hero which is a mix of 72% dark chocolate and cherries, Down By The Sea Salt which is a mix of sea salt and 55% dark chocolate, The Purist which is 72% dark chocolate, and Going To the Dark Side which is a mix of milk chocolate and dark chocolate that I found very interesting!

I give The Chocolate Therapist chocolate bar collection 5 stars“,

and probably one of the highest recommendations of any chocolate I have ever eaten, and I am not saying that lightly! To put it flat, this chocolate had my mouth watering. My wife and 13 year old daughter and myself had this chocolate eaten up in a weeks time and that is just not how we usually consume chocolate. It was just to good to put down and it was very hard to keep our hands off of it. The taste was nothing like we had ever tasted in chocolate before. I can honestly say, I was not a fan of dark chocolate until I ate this chocolate. There was something about it that just did not taste like all the other dark chocolate I have tried, well in my life. It was smooth, tasty, very rich but not bitter nor hard to eat like most dark chocolate. If I had to choose one bar as my favorite, it would have to be the Double Shot bar. 55% dark chocolate, so it was, in my opinion, perfect. On the back of this chocolate bar was ground up espresso beans! You can taste the espresso flavor and the whole bar reminded me of one of the best cups of coffee I had ever drank, and I love coffee.

The founder and owner of The Chocolate Therapist, Julie Pech, is the author of  “The Chocolate Therapist:  A User’s Guide to the Extraordinary Health Benefits of Chocolate”, the book is both entertaining and enlightening and I would recommend the book to my friends and family for sure as well. The actual Chocolate Therapist shop is located in Littleton, Colorado and serves up all natural chocolate and gourmet coffee. Drop by sometime when you are through Littleton, CO. and tell Julie that Merlyn Seeley from the Shikata Eco-Village and Zen Homestead of Missouri sent ya!

Copyright 2014

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