Resolve to eat more organic and less GMO food

organic food

2013 was one of those years where people made some serious and lasting changes to their lives. In particular 2013 seen more changes to what people are eating than any year so far in history, according to statistics. From the on going fight against Monsanto and their poisonous genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) in our food to more and more people switching over to mostly and all organic and natural foods. Another movement we seen in 2013 that was big is, the homesteading or natural living movement. More and more people are decided to raise their own chickens for the free range meat and the organically produced eggs. More people are now growing their own organic veggies and fruits right in their front yards as well, the urban farm has taken root! People are tired of the “foolin” around with their foods, they are tired of living their lives unhealthy and are tired of unnatural foods.

So this year why not resolve to be apart of this movement, resolve to eat more organic and natural foods and less GMO and foods which are not good for you or your children or family, it is only March, still time to make resolutions. We can resolve to do this and be successful if we learn to become a “label reader”. Yes it takes more time, but if you can not spend some extra time reading what is in the foods you are feeding your family then your family’s health takes second place, something that should never happen. Some may think it is hard to do this because they do not know what to look for. Here are some helpful tips that you can print off and carry with you when you go shopping. If you see any of the following on the ingredients list then put it back and look for an alternative or just learn to eat different foods that are better for you and the kids.

Besides the list below here is a great guide that you can download and print and take with you, it helps you learn what is not organically produced and what is GMO so you can steer clear of it.

1- Hydrogenated– Hydrogenated means it has been altered, this is a GMO product and is also another form of mono-sodium glutamate (MSG).

2- Hydrolyzed– Hydrolyzed anything is not natural and can actually kill a person! In fact the process for creating a product that is hydrolyzed makes the produce ONE MOLECULE FROM BEING PLASTIC.

3- Mono-sodium glutamate (MSG)– This is a big one, MSG comes in many forms but they are all terrible and can play havoc on a persons body especially your brain. This product is what is called a nuro-toxin because it alters your brains natural response to certain foods.

4- High fructose corn syrup– HFCS is responsible for this countries obesity epidemic. If you can not lose weight or can and keep gaining it back or are having trouble with your blood sugar, this is probably the reason why.

5- Colors– Colors such as blue lake 40 and red 32 to name a few are dangerous and very unnatural. Eating colors added to your foods is just like eating chemicals just to make the food pretty to eat. Colors in your foods are responsible for many forms of cancer.

6- Autolyzed yeast extract– Another form of MSG, this one occurs naturally but not because nature made it. Instead it happens because the food has been altered from its original state by human.

7- Aspartame, Sucrose, Saccharine– All are artificial sweeteners and are all responsible for causing cancer and headaches and many other issues. Instead look for the alternative Stevia (herbal) sweetener or just go with ole fashioned sugar (organic or raw is best).

Although this is a partial list it outlines 7 of of the most popular that you will find on just about all foods that are processed and unnatural and bad for you. One great rule to go by is buy organic and locally produced foods. If it says all natural, keep your guard up because that does not mean what you think. If you decide to make this resolution you will want to be careful with soy products, corn, canola, cotton seed, and salmon products, because these are almost always GMO products anymore. Happy New Year from the Shikata Eco-Village and Zen Homestead. We wish you all the best in the coming year and hope you will remain to be a loyal reader of this column and the other blogs we write. May you all be blessed and healthy!

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