Pick mom an edible wildflower bouquet


Growing in your own yard or in the empty grassy lot next door or in the woods nearby is an abundance of wildflowers. Maybe a sunny field within walking distance has just want you are looking for. Wildflowers are everywhere. May 11th is Mother’s Day and May is also National Wildflower month and Gardening month. There is no better time to pick a wildflower bouquet for mom than on her day. When you pick mom some wildflowers you might just be giving her better health too!

Many wildflowers that most people see as invasive weeds or just ordinary flowers have food and medicinal value. You might be giving mom a beautiful bouquet of health and not even know it. Along with giving her a wildflower bouquet, you picked yourself, you can give her a cup of tea made with the same flowers. That is if you pick the right ones. Here is a short list of wildflowers that you might find nearby that you can pick as a bouquet that is also edible and drinkable:

Red clover


White clover

Wood sorrel






If you click on each of the edible wildflowers above you will be taken to a trusted site that will tell you more about the benefits of the herbal flower. From experience and trial it is well known that all nine of the wildflowers listed above are safe as long as they are not picked near a busy road or been sprayed with a chemical. Never pick wildflowers that you will use for a tea or to eat unless you know they are clean, then take them home and wash them anyway. Wildflowers near a road will be covered with vehicle exhaust and fumes.

Washing mom’s wildflowers that you will make her a tea with will ensure that you are not giving her a cup of bugs as well. The bouquet does not need to be washed, but make sure you are not bringing momma a bee into the house either! The wild herbs in the list will do plenty of healthy things for mom on her special day, from relaxing her to helping her overcome health issues. Another great idea you could do for mom is take the rose petals and float them on the water of a warm relaxing bath this evening to complete a perfect day.

Mom will be able to enjoy the health benefits of the red clover and dandelion flowers if you pick enough to make a gallon of tea well past Mother’s Day even. That is because those two herbs make a great iced tea! Mix some red clover with some raspberry tea bags for a truly rewarding ice tea. It is perfect on a hot day for her. Rose tea can provide your mom the vitamin C that her body is missing. Mom will love you for all the energy that this tea will give her. 1 cup of rose tea has 500 times the amount of vitamin C in 1 orange!

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