Use natural food dyes to color your Easter eggs this year


Easter is a time for the children to run and play and hunt Easter eggs as an exciting tradition in the US. But all the fun and laughter can never be an excuse for what happens every time you allow your children to consume all those eggs covered with toxic food dyes. After all the playing and hunting and fun is over children want to eat the eggs they have found. Because parents believe that eggs are loaded with protein and are good for them they feel as if some miracle is taking place.

After all this is the only time of year that they do not have to make their kids eat their eggs, they want to on their own. But here are a few things to consider when you think of your children eating those eggs on Easter:

  •  Are those eggs organic?
  • Was the hens’ that laid them free range and fed a healthy, balanced diet of whole grains, or are those eggs the offspring of chickens that were shot up with growth hormones, antibiotics and steroids?

  • What sort of food dye were those eggs colored with? We all know that the food dye always ends up on the egg meat itself. Even if it doesn’t, the dye is leaching harmful chemicals into the egg meat.

If the answers to those questions are not positive then your children are consuming all that in those eggs. Easter eggs are covered with all sorts of food dyes, those food dyes are approved for human consumption by the FDA. The very same FDA that just said Vitamin C infusions that are healing cancer patients are not good for you. Those food dyes are also approved by the very same FDA that is approving all the genetically modified food in the stores today that is causing record disease and death.

According to recent science GMO food can drastically shortened human life span, but the FDA approves of the food. If you allow your children to consume all those Easter eggs, just like every year, they will become hyper and sick later. That is because all that food dye is toxic to the bodies systems, especially children. According to the Mother Nature Network, pediatricians in Great Britain now recommend that parents remove synthetic food dyes from children’s diets because they are suspected of causing behavioral problems.

Yellow food dye number 5 alone has been proven to cause asthma, hives, headache, and is linked to behavioral changes. In a double-blind study reported in the Journal of Pediatrics (you will need to register and log in to read), the study clearly demonstrated a relation between ingestion of Yellow No. 5 and behavioral changes in children who are allergic to it, which is nearly all children. Fortunately there are natural food dyes that you can easily make and use instead.

Simply choose some primary colors to start with and from those you can blend different colors. Here is how to do it: You will need to use the juice from colorful produce (organic is even better), and canned, frozen, and fresh produce will work just as good as fresh produce. With just one half-cup you can make plenty of food dye for your Easter eggs.

Following these simple ideas you can make natural food dye that will not harm your children:

  • If you want red dye you can use beets, cranberries, raspberries, red grapes, strawberries or even a tea called Rooibos (you will need to make the tea very strong).
  • If you want blue dye you can use blueberries.

  • If you want yellow dye you can use ground turmeric, onion skins or yellow curry powder.

  • If you want green dye you can use asparagus, spinach or some of the other vegetable greens.

  • If you want brown dye you can use black tea, coffee or roasted chicory root (available at most herb/natural food shops) you will need to make these strong.

With some practice and help from your children you can perfect this so that the dyes are a very nice color and coat the egg real well. The eggs should be cool and dry before dying them with the natural dyes. When you are making the dyes, put the material you are using into a sauce pan and like you are going to make tea you make the dye. Add water as you need to but do not dilute the color or you will not be able to dye anything with it. Have a healthy Easter this year!


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