Give your health the green light with Greenlite Meals


I love non genetically modified (GM) foods! In fact, I am a front line fighter against the genetically modified food (GMOs) movement and will not support any company that produces GMO foods. If I knowingly give good perks to a company that produces GMOs I could not live with myself, plain and simple. So in saying that I will tell you that I have done my homework and have been informed that Greenlite Meals does not use genetically modified ingredients in their food. That is very important because when we are talking about vegan foods, we are talking about plant based protein replacement for meat and that means soy.

At that, this my official review of the company products I received. I received a shipment of Greenlite Meals and was thrown off by first glance at the packaged meals. They were partially frozen, but very cold, the dry ice had completely disappeared. So I decided to take a look over the package, as I stated, they were packaged in plastic and did not look at all appetizing. I am a thinker, and I love to give them all a chance, especially when I am told a company product is non GMO. I tried the pumpkin curry stew. I cooked up a pot of Jasmine Rice and I heated the pumpkin curry stew from Greenlite Meals and ate that over the rice.

I was shocked to discover that my first impression was completely changed and placed at a halt when I tasted the meal. The pumpkin curry stew was great! In fact, I was left wanting more after my one bowl introduction. I gave some to my 13 year old daughter who also loved the food, it was just plain good! Usually you would agree, probably, that a frozen vegan meal, so simple as it is, would have a hard time tasting great. Well Greelite Meals nailed it with this one and so I decided to try a few more samples. Next up was the Carrot Ginger soup, it was served over quinoa, and again, I was taken back by the great taste.

Over all I would have to say that Greenlite Meals taste great, they are filling when additional meal parts are added, as I added the rice. You may find that the packaging is less appealing, I still feel the company is not giving the product the respect it deserves with the simple packaging, but over all the samples I was sent were pretty good. I would say about a 3 out of 5 star rating is fair, again, the packaging is plastic, not a cool deal for us natural health specialists, the product came to me partially frozen and needed to remain frozen, the suggested cooking method over the whole product is microwave. That is a big issue.

I found it put me off a good bit as they are a health food company but package in plastic and then tell you to heat the meals right in the plastic. The company produces desserts, too, and my wife says the banana yoghurt they sent us was great and I personally liked the trail mix they sent very much. If I had to rate their trail mix I would give that alone a 5 star rating. However, the protein bar they provided us was not a favorite and I feel they could greatly improve the taste and texture and quality of that item. I feel the company has good intentions but has much room for improvement, but after all, who doesn’t have room to improve.

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