Jorg Gray wrist watches could be the world’s best


Hailed as the watch of the Secret Service and the watch that the president wears, Jorg Gray is simple the best piece of time telling technology around. Boasting a price of over $500.00, Jorg Gray uses Sapphire crystal instead of the usual crystal used in all wrist watches for the facing base. Not only that, but the watch comes in a leather case, not off the wall leather, but real leather to protect your investment, and that is just what this watch is, an investment that is worth your money. I have this watch and must say I am actually highly intrigued at the design, the craftsmanship, which obviously had no expense spared for it, it’s just all top notch.


The only difference between this wrist watch, available to the public, and the one that the secret service and president wears is a small symbol in the face of the watch. On the above picture you can see the Jorg Gray name at the top center of the watch crystal. On the official secret service and presidential editions, the secret service logo is there. We are talking a top of the line watch that is fashionable and makes one heck of a statement. I put the watch on and immediately noticed that it was just heavy, which is a pure sign of top quality materials. The clasp on this watch is heavy duty, I do not foresee of a time when it will ever wear out, although, it is possible, just not as easily as most watches.


The day and date of the watch is set in the crystal using individual dual hand telling pieces, just as the main time telling section. To put it plain and simple, if you are looking for the best of the best, this is it. Jorg Gray makes an outstanding watch and I simple love it! I rate the watch 5 stars and would definitely recommend this as a wonderful gift for yourself as well as anyone you truly want to make smile and feel great. The watch looks awesome when worn, I love that it came in a great leather case to protect it too, never owned such a great piece of technology in my life, and don’t think I will ever have to buy another watch due to wear and tear, or just wearing it out. Love it!


5 star rating for top quality.


The watch of the president


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