Jaqet, a Company for the Local Minded and Quality Driven Consumer

Oh, the sweet smell of real leather! That is what came to mind as soon as I opened my new handmade in California (made in the USA) Jaqet wallets, which were packaged as well as the quality of their make! I have the FLIP WALLET in SADDLE and the LANDSCAPE WALLET in REDWOOD and I can not even begin to think of another similar product that would stand to compare to these wallets. Both my wife and I are now truly enjoying our wallets and have even noticed some stares when we pull them out in public. My wife had a comment from a cashier on her flip wallet during a purchase one day, that is something neither of us had ever experienced before!

Made of actual real leather, hand sewn and made here in the good ole USA, California to be exact and you can not get a better quality product! 5 stars just doesn’t seem right, I mean I can think of nothing I am not happy about with these wallets. I have totally put my old thick black wallet in a drawer and have not even went back to look at it since I got my Jaqet wallet. The leather is stiff and because it is real it will loosen up with use and will just get better and better with age. If it gets wet it will not ruin it, as some cheap wallets made of synthetic materials can not boast.

The stitching on my wallet is somewhat of a force to be reckoned with, I find myself looking over it every time I pull it from my pocket. Just the stitching on these wallets alone are well worth the money. You can tell by looking that it is very heavy duty and will stand up to the test of time. From the packaging to the material used to make the product, attention to detail was not overlooked. I would suggest either of these two wallets to anyone that is looking for a very useful product and to anyone that wants to really make an impact with their gift giving. I feel, personally, it is even a wonderfully crafted item that could be gifted as a business gift. Bottom line is, these wallets by Jaqet are simply amazing!

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