Non Genetically Modified Flavrz Drink Mixes Add Flavor to Your Life, Organically

Flavrz organic drink mixes came to me in the mail recently for me to give it a try. I am a sucker for anything non genetically modified (GMO) and/or organic. However, when it comes to drink mixes, I had all but given up due to the belief, after much researching and searching, that there just are not an organic or non-GMO drink mixes for water. My mother is always drinking water with drink mixes that contain some really bad stuff. I am always getting on her about it and she is always looking for something a little better that she can afford, but as I said earlier, it has seemed almost impossible.,

Then comes to me, a truly organic and non-GMO drink mix that actually tastes very awesome! Flavrz organic drink mixes are the real deal and are not flavored with those sugar substitutes that, although are non GMO, they leave a bad aftertaste, such as Stevia. Most people would agree with that statement. However, I learned real quick that Flavrz organic drink mixes are made with real organic sugar and to top that, they are a liquid mix not those powders that seem impossible to mix into cold water.

At first, I will agree, I was skeptical. Even knowing they were supposedly an organic company, I was a little hesitant. After reading their label and seeing their commitment to non GMO and organic standards, I was very relaxed and tried the product. In the package that I received, as my sample, there were many flavors to choose from. Even some that were made for sports, re-hydration and to strengthen your immune system. I believe my favorite was the one called Immunity.

According to the companies Facebook page their mission is, “Flavrz is revolutionizing the way America drinks. Most beverages are 95% or more water and the rest is sugar, artificial coloring, flavoring, chemicals, and plastic packaging. Flavrz is changing all that.”

As a personal statement, I would suggest this product to anyone that asked me about a non GMO, organic flavor mix for their water and to be fair I will give a 5 star review and wish that I could do even more. Bottom line is, this product simply changes the way we drink water and is doing so organically and safely. Thank youFlavrz organic drink mix for simply existing!

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