Dream Cream by Little Moon Essentials earns it’s name


“A dream come true”, “A dream to use”, or how about, “It puts me into a dream like trance”! These are just a few of the statements that come to mind when I tried the Dream Cream herbal cream from Little Moon Essentials of Bolder, Colorado that relieves aches and pains and helps athletes heal naturally. Even my wife, who suffers from a very painful shoulder, was quoted as saying, “This stuff actually works”!

Based on a sample of this wonderful all natural creamy rub called Dream Cream, I have quite a lot to say because I want everyone to experience the relief that this stuff brings, within 5 minutes of application, according to my wife, someone that was suffering non-stop. She refuses to use anything that is not natural, and so when Little Moon Essentials announced, recently, that they are bringing back the highly prestigious Dream Cream, we had to try it!

If I had to rate this product with a star rating, it would, no doubt, receive 5 stars out of 5 because it just truly works and does so well and quick. It does however require repeated application to continue to work, as it lasted on my wife and myself for a good while but had to be reapplied throughout our day a few times each. So every few hours or so, is about right. It does work fast and does so using some very powerful ingredients, such as Arnica, an all natural, plant derived pain reliever.

Little Moon Essentials is a natural company that produces products of all natural and herbal origin and has a great reputation for doing so with a high success rate, according to their customers. Located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, they have been in business for a long time and so that means a long line of satisfied customers. Just check out their products and site and see for your self. Bottom line is, if you are looking for a product of natural or herbal origin, this is the company to order from and the product to try for yourself! Tell Laura, Merlyn Seeley sent you!

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