Study finds Vitamin B12 can prevent memory loss

Evening primrose

Its being talked about all over the natural living world, a new study has shown that Vitamin B12 can prevent memory loss. The study specifically found that poor nutrition may be the link to impaired and slower thinking and memory loss. As we get older we do not eat as pro health as we used to when we were younger. We also do not exercise as we used to when we were younger and all this creates a deficient body of Vitamin B12.


Experts used to think that a decline in our mental health was normal as we aged, especially in remembering and thinking as we used too. But this study found that our lifestyle factors are a major concern when it comes to this now. No longer do we have to think that just because we are getting older that our minds will go. If we keep up the exercise and our healthy diet of fruits and vegetables and fatty acids as well as fish proteins and supplements where needed we can delay the onset of memory loss.


The study, published in the Harvard Health Publications of Harvard medical school found that adults over 65 with a vitamin B12 deficiency are more likely to have lower brain volumes and cognitive impairment than those with adequate B12. If you want to find some Vitamin B12 and start taking this supplement look in your local all natural food store, herb store or in some large grocery stores. You can always find Vitamin B12 as well on the internet with a simple search.


The problem is that we are not going to get the dosage of this vitamin in our food supply. Today’s food as well as the ground that it is grown in lacks a very large amount of mandatory vitamins that is supposed to be in our food and soil. Without supplements you are not only deficient of this vitamin but all the rest that you need to be as healthy as possible too. Instead of growing old and just accepting what is going to happen, why not do what you can now to delay an older life of greater suffering.


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