Continue our food fight into 2015 by growing/raising your own food

2015 thoughts

How hard is it? We all know of people that raise their own food, hunt and grow a garden. A lot of us know those that do these things and hardly ever shop in a grocery store too. A lot of you have been thinking about it, you’ve, no doubt, thought, I can not do that where I live or I do not have a green thumb. Do you think we were born with a green thumb? You have to practice, work towards becoming a green thumb to get good. Do not let one failure be your ultimate try. In 2015, start the year off right, by preparing for your spring garden that is right around the corner. For a lot of the US growing season will start, indoors, around the end of February. Now is a good time to prepare. How do you prepare, you ask?……….To read the rest click here.

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