How to get off grid in 2015

Cabin 2015

Moving into a new year, for some, involves a lot of change or hopeful change. In this day and age, living a simpler, more rewarding, less stressful way of life, which sometimes involves moving off the technological grid, is becoming a mainstream thing. More and more people are moving off the grid, going backwards in time to when life was simpler. Another popular part of going into a new year involves making new year’s resolutions. Some, no doubt, will make their resolution to move off grid, or move into a more simpler way of life. For those that have contemplated moving off grid, the one thing I always get, in conversation is, “I can not afford it”. There lies a problem. You see, living off grid is not more expensive, it is less expensive and according to how hard core you are about it, it can be done with almost NO money at all…….To read more click here.

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