Alter your ego eating Alter Eco organic chocolates!



So the other day I got some chocolates in the mail! I mean who isn’t happy to get chocolates? 🙂 However, these were no ordinary chocolates, these were organic chocolates from a company called Alter Eco! I requested the sampling and wanted to know if their stuff stood up to the test of those searching for real organic chocolates and those that have what it takes to stick around with their taste, as well. I am proud to say, ALter Eco chocolates, both their Burnt Caramel chocolate bars and their salted caramel and sea salt truffles not only made the cut, but they went over board.

I always love it when I have something good to say about an absolutely fine brand, such as Alter Eco, because it makes for a very good find for those chocolate lovers that both want their chocolate and want it pure and clean too. Ina  world that has gone array with man made, toxic junk they want to call “food” organic candy, especially Fair Trade, Organic and non genetically modified (GMO), can be hard to find. Thankfully, Alter Eco candy company has come about and makes it even better with a taste I loved!


If you have not tried this candy bar, Alter Eco Burnt Caramel organic chocolate, you are seriously missing out. I found this bar to be explicable! I mean, it tasted like caramel, it tasted like dark chocolate, as it is, and it had a truly 70% cocoa taste! It is actually hard to find some great tasting dark chocolate, or at least, where I live. This chocolate bar went over the top with its awesome taste. I could only eat one small square which really wasn’t real small, per say. Because it was so dark, but then again, dark chocolate is not made to be scarfed down!

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The truffles were remarkable. My entire family liked these and even a friend, I managed to share a few with, heh. The center was not all messy, but so soft and smooth tasting. They were both dark chocolate but tasted a bit more mellow than the Burnt Caramel bar I tried. To sum it up in a nutshell, these truffles were the best I have ever eaten!


Alright, for those that know the worth of non GMO foods these days, you can clearly see the non GMO project seal on the back of the Alter Eco-chocolate packages. They are both certified organic, non GMO certified and fair trade certified. Some people are not as keen on what Fair Trade means, let me school ya a bit. In small uncertain countries more times that not, all most families know is farming. If they don’t farm, they literally die off. There are countries that would seek to take advantage of these families and pay them low wages and take more than they can farm and so on and so on. However, there is a movement, Fair Trade certified means these families are being taken care of, it means they are not being taken advantage of and that their contracts with certain companies, such as Alter Eco, are secured. They are paid well and taken care of. Proper payment is being made for the chocolate farmed or whatever it may be. It is very important that we, as a nation of caring, over-distracted people care about that and support these families. When I seen these seals on the packaging, I was well pleased.


Now here is a kicker! Their candies came in plastic, however, the plastic wrappers were ALL compostable, 100%! Get that! How cool is that, I mean, their boxes where recyclable and their plastic wrappers where made with compostable materials! This really did it for me as I am all about natural living, the environment, recycling and composting etc etc! So if you want some really good chocolate and want to help make a difference in the world, vote Alter Eco chocolate with your money! You won’t be disappointed.

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