Good Earth organic tea good for you, good for the earth

Good earth organic teas

Starry Chai- 3 stars, Sweet and Spicy- 5 stars

There is a reason they go by the name of Good Earth tea..being that they do offer organic teas, Good Earth tea company has some simple, but elegant surprises for you. Recently I was turned onto Good Earth tea and as a trial I decided to give their Starry Chai and their Sweet and Spicy organic teas a go. So here goes my official review of these two very good teas.

Now I have been a tea drinker of all types, all teas for most all my 40 years of life. Good Earth offers some very good choices of tea both mainstream and organic as well as green, white, red and herbal, to mention a few of the most popular. To start off, I will say that Good Earth Starry Chai is not your run of the mill chai tea. As a long time chai drinker I can say that this tea didn’t actually taste like a chai and I didn’t really appreciate it hot as well as I did cold! In fact, I had all but written this particular tea off my “like” list when I decided to try it brewed hot but cooled to a room temperature. I actually had this mixed with a black tea bag and loved it!

So I give this particular tea 3 stars because, although, it is great cold…it does not taste like a true chai. There is some notes of fruit in this tea…NOT a traditional chai.

Now for the Sweet and Spicy by Good Earth…..5 stars! This tea simply rocks it out, I mean it is great. My whole family liked this one and fell in love with it. In fact, it was good enough to place a few of our other current favorites on the back burner for a while, so we could enjoy more of this tea! Good Earth hit is off well when they blended this tea. It is not spicy like you would expect from seeing the world spicy. In fact, it is awesome. I liked this tea both cold and hot and had it while sitting with family around a good spring camp fire at the Dogwood Homestead!

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