Essiac Tea, the cancer treatment they hide


Sheep Sorrel

There is an alarming rise in breast cancer in the United States and cancer in general. With all the medication available to the consumer for so many different health issues you would think that by now we have developed a cancer cure. Well actually in most other countries some have been convinced that the herbal tea concoction known as ” Essiac tea” is the answer to the world’s long awaited cancer cure, and if so then the cure has been right in front of our faces since the beginning of time just waiting to be re-discovered. Why do i say re-discovered? Because once upon a time, this tea was used to treat cancer and in the 1920’s was used by a nurse to cure many of her patients, privately, until govt. suppressed it.

Slippery elm.jpg

Slippery Elm bark

But have you ever heard of Essiac tea? Most would say they have not, that is because it is a fairly new re-discovery in other countries such as Canada and Germany. In fact the country of Canada actually is on the move to have this herb tea developed into more of a use for a cancer cure to make it available to the world easier. The people that use Essiac tea are so convinced that this is natures cure for cancer that some are traveling more than 2000 miles, however they can do it, just get to this herb, such as to a Yogi or Medicine Doctor where those culture types exist.

Burdock plant.jpg

Burdock Root

So what exactly is Essiac tea and how is it possibly a cure for cancer? According to the teas discoverer, Canadian nurse Rene Caisse, the remedy was given to her by an Indian Medicine man in 1922 and it was nothing more than Sheep Sorrel herb which is widely available to the public today. The name Essiac is nurse Rene’s last name spelled backwards, in 1922 she noticed scar tissue forming on one of her breast cancer patient’s that she had been watching over using this herb mix, this patient had 6 months to live and ended up living 30 more years with use of the Essiac tea mix that nurse Rene later combined herself. After much research and testing the following herbs were combined to make today’s Essiac tea: Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark and Turkish Rhubarb Root.


Turkish Rhubarb

The formula for making this Essiac tea is now available to the public on a few websites one of which is found here. Even the list of herbs used to make your own Essiac tea can be found separate at most herb shops around the world and of course on the internet. Is this a cure for cancer? Rene states that she cured her mother, herself and a few friends and other patients of cancer over the course of her career. The tests all have shown positive results for reduction and even dismissing of cancer in breast cancer patients and other tumor patients as well, all I know is if I am ever diagnosed with cancer I will definitely have Essiac tea in my cupboard.

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