Creating clean water from the dirtiest water using solar energy

dirty water into clean water

You will need:

  • A clean, large container such as a 5-gallon bucket
  • A piece of plastic
  • 2 small rocks
  • A empty cup or a small empty container for drinking from
  • Dirt water
  • Some sort of string or tape

Making the dirty water solar still:

  1. Get all your supplies gathered, every bit of the supplies in this article can be found most anywhere, even hand made.
  2. Find and gather dirty water, maybe from a water source you are nervous about or possibly your own urine!
  3. Place about an inch or two of dirty water in your large container
  4. Then place your drinking cup in the middle of the bucket and put one of the small rocks in the cup. Make sure this rock is heavy enough to hold the cup in place, also this is the reason for a small amount of water in the container, to prevent the cup from floating.
  5. Take your plastic piece and put it over the top of the large container. Use the tape or string and wrap or tie it around the plastic to keep it in place. Then use a small rock and put it in the middle of the piece of plastic which will push the plastic down a little.

Distilling water

  1. Take your container outside in a very sunny spot. If it is not a sunny day, place it in an area that is, at least, not shaded.
  2. Leave the container there for at least a day or more. If there is a lot of sun it will work faster. Take the plastic off the container after a day or so and see if there is any water in the cup. There should be a good bit of clean water.

How the dirty water to clean water solar still works:

You find a source of dirty water, which can actually be your urine. You need water and place it in your container. Since it is inside the container and exposed to the sun it will get very warm, causing the water to evaporate. The water goes up unto the air and it then hits the plastic. Only clean water evaporates, impurities will not. Then it turns into drops of water. The water begins to move down the plastic, towards the center where the small rock is weighing down the plastic. It then drops off the plastic and falls into the cup. The cup fills up with clean distilled water.

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