Can living off grid help your ADHD child?

Testimony from Doug and Stacy, who live off the grid, in Missouri and have a popular Youtube channel where they share videos of their off-grid life and homestead.

“This video is a testimonial of a family’s struggle in addressing ADHD with their son. They are not the type of people to use medication if at all possible. They started medication and did notice a change in their son BUT when they were off-grid for a week on our homestead they noticed something that would change their life.  With leaving the city and moving to the country for 1 week off the grid they noticed A PROFOUND CHANGE in their son’s behavior and for the whole time they were here they NEVER USED THE MEDICINE for their son.  Now, this video is not to say that this is the ultimate answer for everyone facing these challenges.

We also are not giving medical advice. We are however sharing this story with you so that you might gain 1 more way to avoid medication if at all possible.  This family has shared their adventure during the week of going cold turkey from the city life to off-grid homesteading and that in itself is a big deal. We know that people have no idea what it is like to put your life on YouTube for the world to critique and criticize. There will be a couple of more videos from this family and we hope that it was a good series for all of you that may be thinking about homesteading with kids. I can tell you that this experience has changed their life and they are now working toward making the move as fast as possible.”

Recently the two took a vacation and chose to have some friends from St. Louis, MO. come, with their 5 children, and house sit for a week. This family of 7 are not off gridders, however coming to Doug and Stacy’s homestead, they were off-grid, with their 5 kids for that week. One of the sitter’s children is said to have ADHD problems. The couple has refused to heavily medicate their child. For that, I praise the parents.

While off the grid at Doug and Stacy’s homestead for a week they started noticing profound changes in their son, with his ADHD. In fact, the couple has revealed on video that they did not have to medicate their son at all for the entire week they were off the grid. Was it because of a lifestyle change? Maybe a back to Eden style of eating? Organic food possibly? Was it the move from the undeniably dirty city to the country for that week. Whatever it was, the boy that previously needed a small amount of medication due to dealing with ADHD needed NO medication during the whole week.

For those parents that have children that are being medicated for ADHD and ADD and hate this fact, this video could be the video that changes your life. Following the video, some would expect the average comments too, something such as this subject to include many haters and naysayers. However, you can see, with many of the comments listed below, that was not the case and instead…MORE proof that a change over from modern-day ways of living, to include removing electronics and all technology from the child’s life, has shown undeniable proof of improvement.


The video comments were loaded with other parents that have found similar circumstances where removing the technology/electronics from ADHD prone children’s lives shown drastic improvements. So we ask the question to you, the reader, the parent of an ADHD child, the skeptical doctor…IS there something more to look at here…HAS there just been proof found that our modern day living is causing or in the least, not helping, those ADHD victims!? Personally, as a medical specialist, herbalist, freelance journalist/writer and self-published author, an off-grid homesteader who specializes in this type of info sharing and writing… I say, “the proof is in the pudding.”

This is NOT an isolated instance, we can see that in the multitude of comments below this video. The facts are, a child’s brain is in the developmental stage for a long time. We know this to be indisputably true. We also know that technology, electronics cause a field of static that has been shown to have some sort of adverse effect on people in many different ways. From experience, as a person that lives with no electricity, sleep comes much easier when there are no electrical fields in the room where you sleep, in your daily life. Going on with some personal evidence of the effects of modern-day technology on the body, I will state that I have to travel into a nearby city to my off-grid home, to use the internet at a free wi/fi hot spot.


This is how I do my writing, research and such. When I am at my homestead for any extended period of time, say, about a week. Then I come into this city to work online…I feel the difference. After being in the “woods”, at the homestead, for that week, I feel much calmer, more in-tune with nature and my body and I can think better and feel much happier. After being in the city on this ole computer for 3 days straight I also can notice a negative feeling that is different than when I am on my homestead. There is scientific evidence showing that a magnetic field accompanies any electronic device and that prolonged contact with the device causes issues.

Issues such as eye strain, fatigue, feelings of sluggish and depression. Could this be associated with being exposed to an unnatural state of living? These 5 children can be seen in a few of the first videos, as the family took video every night for 7 nights while house sitting, having a hard time sitting still. Then in later videos, it is quite noticeable that the same children started being able to sit still longer. The father, in the video, revealed that because of this discovery that their family is moving off the grid as quick as humanly possible. The parents do not want to medicate their kids and do not believe in it, and rightfully so.

If this is not awesome proof that moving your family out of the city and disconnecting from modern day life and technology is proof that modern day lifestyles are affecting you and your kids in a very bad and unhealthy way, what more do you need to see!? Now read through the comments below that were taken from the video comments and if you are the parent of an ADHD prone child who has a problem medicating your child, allow the proof to impermeable your mind. Ask yourself, is your child’s health, their very life, worth a move off the grid and back to a more natural and simpler way of life? In the minimum, a move out of the city and into the country and living with much less technology could be your key.

“my wife doesn’t have adhd, she is bipolar and has a chemical imbalance. when we go out into the woods away from the city she changes after a few days. she becomes more balanced and much more happy. I’m doing everything I can to get off grid and out of the city. she deserves a better life.”
“My grandmother who taught first grade for over 30 years told stories about some boys needing to exercise to learn. She would send them out to run around the play ground before a lesson. But she taught in those post WW2 years when you could do logical things like that. She passed a few months ago and it was amazing to listen to all the wonderful stories about her teaching years.”
“my four year old son is extremely active and HaD violent tendencies towards his two year twin brothers. i read a book called ‘reset your child’s brain’. it talks about how technology and electronic screens can affect the brain especially one of a growing child. the book suggests an electronic screen fast. i took the t.v. out the house…i took the kindle away. my phone it’s off limits around the children. my children have been without electronic simulation if you will for 20 days. my oldest son has gone from 10+ violent episodes a day to 2 or none. not to mention hisv attention span had lengthened and its much easier to transition from one activity to the next. i started many many more activities outside to replace the time. long story short the t.v. will not enter my living room me crazy orv whatever but i assure you the proof is real. i grew up in a farm with no cable and we only watched cartoons on Saturday mornings. we aren’t on a farm right now but i assure you their imaginations are increasing and they are creating ideas where before they were limited.”
“Dear Family, When we moved out of the city (Dallas area), to the country, our whole family was able to focus better and became calmer, gentler people. My husband still works in the city and it takes him two whole days before he is calm at the end of the work-week. When I bring the children into the city they comment on how they feel the stress and oppression increasing the closer they get there. I believe that in the city, surrounded by thousands of people and their respective struggles, we feel a very dark spiritual atmosphere. But when we are out in the country we can feel the peace of God better. By the way, I LOVED seeing the tzizit while you all were working. Blessings to you.”
“I think this talk reaffirms the direction your family should go in. we too have a similar stort (story) with our own children.”
“I can tell you with extreme confidence A.D.D is a thing, (Zorn101). I have had A.D.D all of my life and I was tested as a child and as an adult. It can be tested with a brain wave activity scan. A.D.D or A.D.H.D sufferers have a brain activity much beyond normal activity. It is because of this that the agitation builds. I do not medicate myself although there is a noticeable difference on medications. It is possible to tailor life towards the A.D.D mind. farming is one thing that helps me stay focused because there is always more to learn. I learn most things very quickly and then become frustrated when life doesn’t move as fast as my mind. Homesteading and my pastoral studies are 2 things that seem to calm my mind enough to focus. thanks for this video.”


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