Understanding Parkinson’s disease and the natural approach


First off, let me tell you, there are different causes to Parkinson’s disease, each cause is due to something your brain is no longer doing because of brain damage, of some type. In this article I will be focusing on the causative factor known as dopamine loss. More specifically, the supplement called Tyrosine, an essential amino acid and how to naturally consume more of it in your diet.

Maybe you have a family member that is suffering with symptoms, that you feel is Parkinson’s disease (PD). Maybe your family member has been diagnosed with PD or maybe I am talking to you? Many American’s, as they grow old, in their time, will start showing signs and symptoms of PD. When this happens it can be scary and most people, in this day and age, feel that the only approach is to go see their doctor for diagnosis AND medicine.


Medicine they will be taking, from that moment on, for the rest of their lives. What does the medicine do? Even your doctor will tell you, it will not cure you. All it does is the same thing all modern day medicines do…mask the symptoms, never fixing the issue.

So what other options do you have? Well, there are natural treatments that will help with your symptoms, but it is true, once you have PD, there is no actual “cure”. However, the symptoms are what are debilitating and if you can control them, with no other side affects, your quality of life will greatly increase. In fact, you will live longer than if you take their medicines or you ignore PD all together.


First, I am medical specialist, today I am an alternative medical specialist and herbalist and the following findings are the result of many years of research, intuitive support, trial and error, a vast knowledge of the natural and my own experiences with those that have came to me for treatment and advice for PD. This is my prescription and findings for anyone looking for a natural approach to living with PD, as opposed to the modern day chemical approach.

PD is the result of a loss of dopamine in the brain, do to brain damage. Brain damage can be the result of a lifetime of eating, drinking, living unnatural. There are supplements and food that you can consume that will greatly improve your life.


What you need to concentrate on is fixing the ability of you brain to make this dopamine. These supplements will help you:

  • Tyrosine
  • vitamin B6
  • Zinc
  • DHEA
  • Phenylalanine

Now if you are research savvy you can research each of those vitamins and minerals and learn what foods are highest in them. Then changing your diet, making sure to consume organic when ever possible, you can effectively treat yourself naturally. I know that each of those are available in supplement form as well.


A quick word about different companies that produce supplements. Not all are pharmaceutical grade supplements. Do a bit of research and learn what companies have the best repetition and vote with your dollar, after all, you get what you pay for and your health is worth what you have to pay. Enough about that.

You can take Tyrosine supplements if you are suffering with PD symptoms, but if you are more interested in preventing PD, then the following list is what you are looking for. The following “top 10” list are foods that are naturally high in this supplement and when they are a major portion of your diet, you have greatly reduced your risk of contracting PD as you age. I have also placed the preferred method of consumption in parenthesis. When possible, choose this method.


Again, always try to consume organic foods when you can, and if you can not do that, then at least make sue the foods you are eating are non-genetically modified (non-GMO). One of the main reasons people age and then contract PD, today, is because of the diet they ate most of their lives. GMO foods and pesticide laden foods are definitely on the list of “to blame” reasons PD shows up in a persons life.

#1: Cheese (Parmesan)

#2: Soy Foods (Roasted non-GMO Soybeans)

#3: Lean Beef & Lamb (Grass Fed Antibiotic, Steroid, Hormone-Free Roast Beef)

#4: Lean Pork (Cooked Chops)

#5: Fish & Seafood (Cooked Salmon)

#6: Chicken & Turkey (Cooked Chicken Breast)

#7: Seeds & Nuts (Raw Pumpkin Seeds)

#8: Eggs & Raw Dairy (Farm Fresh Eggs)

#9: Beans & Lentils (Cooked White Beans)

#10: Whole grains (Cooked Wild Rice)


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