Anamu the next generation of CBD like products


Surely you have heard of CBD oils and all the CBD products out there that have taken the natural medical field by storm. After CBD products Kratom came along and now much attention is being paid to Anamu herb. Anamu herb comes from the Amazon Rain Forest, mostly, but also from places like in South America as well as Africa and the Caribbean. It is a plant that grows annually and has been in use by the locals for generations. Here in the west we are just now learning about this herb. However, it’s repetition of the best natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving herb in the world is well known by the ancients.

Just what is Anamu herb? It is a herb that has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, to name just a couple of its abilities. Its use by those who suffer from arthritis and rheumatism could skyrocket in the very near future as more and more this herb becomes known and available here in the states. The herb is also known as Garlic Weed because of its natural aroma that resembles garlic, which could hint at its additional antimicrobial abilities. The main part of the plant, that is used, is the root, although the leaves also are used in places such as India for certain preparations.

Anamu extract

Traditionally, the most popular way to use this natural wonder is to prepare a decoction of the root, explained below. Once the decoction is prepared, taken internally this herb has the ability to treat a number of digestive problems to include bloating, flatulence and as a stimulant to help the digestive system work better. However, as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, topically, we are talking a wonder treatment for those who suffer from chronic pain. Small joints, hands and ankles rubbed with an extract of Anamu will result in pain relief by reducing the inflammation in those joints.

anamu tea

This is how arthritis sufferers can benefit from Anamu extracts. At home, a powder made from the plant’s dried leaves can be added to any carrier oil, such as Coconut oil, and rubbed into areas where arthritis and rheumatic pain are experienced. Once the craze for this herb really takes off here in the states, you can expect to get the pharmaceutical grade oils, as you can with CBD oils, where ever you buy your CBD or Kratom oils now.

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