Using Turmeric properly for inflammation relief

Most people know that turmeric is a wonderful herb when it comes to treating inflammation and maybe some folks know that it is also an immune system booster. But over the course of the past 10 years, which is about the biggest amount of time I have been heavily into the natural living way of life, I can not tell you how many people I have had told me, “I have tried turmeric for this or that problem (bursitis?) and seen no change.” I have also heard them say they did not see any change in their immune system, that they still got ill in winter, even while taking turmeric.

Now some of these people actually thought that all they had to do was eat turmeric on all the food they ate, daily. Some have told me, “well I eat turmeric on my morning eggs every day”. Still, others say they took 500 mg of turmeric, daily all winter and still got the flu. The problem I can see, as an herbalist looking onward with advanced knowledge, is that no one seems to be taking the actual dosage they need to be successful. Yes, there is a certain dosage you should be taking with turmeric as well as ALL herbs if you want it to actually work.

The problem is, not too many people realize this and so a lot of people will tell you, that herbs don’t work. That is a very profound statement to make about a medical system that has been around for over 3000 years with a success rate that apparently was good enough to prolong the existence of humanity! Herbs and herbal medicines DO work. In fact, turmeric is so successful at reducing inflammation that in Germany it is regularly prescribed to people with chronic pain. Why people with chronic pain you ask? Well, what a lot of folks may not know is that most all pain stems from some sort of inflammation in the body.

If you want to rid yourself of that nagging pain then you need to address the inflammation that lives in your body. That is where 1000 mg a day of turmeric comes into play at. For most people, a daily dose of 1000 mg of turmeric a day will have profound effects on their inflammatory/pain. Even children and animals have shown improvement with their inflammation issues using turmeric at 1000 mg a day. I understand that this is just not run-of-the-mill everyday knowledge, so this is why I chose to write this article today. 

I was going about my yearly cycle of buying enough turmeric and Vitamin D, to last through next spring, for my family on “Puritan’s Pride” website when I noticed their best seller was Turmeric 500 mg. I was curious and read through a lot of the reviews on this product. After about halfway through the 3rd page, I became a bit angry seeing all these people that posted sad reviews saying that it did nothing for them that they could truly realize. One person said they had been taking 500 mg a day for over a month and saw no change in their body. At 500 mg a day, you are 50% below the recommended dose for treating inflammation and your body sees that as simply…food.

So take it from this Herbalist/natural living expert, if you want to see results with turmeric and reap the benefits of better health and less inflammatory pain, take 1000 mg a day for at least 30 days, but for the rest of your life, won’t hurt a thing. I just want to share that every year around October 1, I and my family start taking 1000 mg of turmeric a day to increase our immune system. I buy enough bottles to last us until next March. We also take Vitamin D but that is another article.

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