Sucralose in non-GMO products-What you need to know

Sucralose if purchased in packets or granulated contains Dextrose and Maltodextrin, which is added for bulk. However, you may have seen sucralose in some of your favorite low sugar or no sugar products but noticed that the package also states it is Non-GMO! What’s that all about? Well here is how they get away with it. First off, sucralose is made using a patented process that involves changing the sugar into a non-calorie type of substance using Chlorine molecules. The result is a chemical sweetener that tastes 600 times sweeter than sugar but lacks the calorie intake when consumed. The body also does not recognize sucralose as sugar because of this change, that is the only reason the medical industry will tell you that it is safe for diabetics to consume.

The truth here is that the body does not even absorb this stuff, instead, it passes through the waste of the body every time you make a bowel movement. Hence the question necessary to ask…if it does nothing for you, why on earth would you want to put it in your body taking into consideration that it is made with chlorine?

So let’s talk about how they can get away with labeling the product non-GMO when it contains sucralose. As I stated before, when purchased as granulated or packets of sucralose it contains maltodextrin and dextrose. Maltodextrin, for those that do not know, is a corn derivative. That maltodextrin is most likely genetically modified. However, when sucralose is added directly into a product, such as these Ocean Spray Craisins that state they are non-GMO on the bag, the sucralose is pure sucralose with no bulk products. That means no GMO maltodextrin. Sucralose itself is not genetically modified, it is a chemical and created using science using no genetically modified materials, it is far from a natural product.

So this is the truth and this is how they can get away with listing it on the bag as non-GMO. But don’t let that fool you, folks. If you pay very close attention you will notice that most of the products, today, that are listed as non-GMO has the third party verification label on it, it looks like this. And this third party label is a guarantee that you are not eating GMO’s. As you can see on the Cranraisin bag linked to in this article, there is no third party verification, that typeset “non-GMO” was added by the actual company because the Non-GMO Project will never verify a product as Non-GMO that contains sucralose. Legally because the sucralose they put in that product was made on equipment that still uses GMO maltodextrin, and you can go on the Splenda website and verify that folks.

According to the Splenda website, chlorine is a natural part of everyday life! That has got to the the biggest lie I have ever read, especially when they don’t even have the stones to say, “unless you grow your own or eat 100% organic or 100% non-GMO or actively seek out food that is not washed with chlorine and use a water filter that filters the chlorine!” But they sure didn’t say that because then their statement would be easier to point out as false. Bottom line here is, be smarter than the average big cooperation and take charge of your life and your food and stop consuming stuff that is not real food! Aren’t you sick enough already? You need to understand that just because I product uses non-GMO or natural or nature or shows pretty serene pictures of farms and bright sun shining on luscious corn fields that it doesn’t mean the product is worth consuming. The industry has deployed all sorts of tricks and legal loopholes to try and keep you in the dark. Become smarter than them and don’t be fooled, it’s time for a food revolution!

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