Aspartame In Milk And The Real Cause Of Obesity

Over the last 5-6 years stories of this topic has been floating around the internet without anyone really knowing what to believe. The age old tale that they were going to approve the addition of Aspartame in milk without labeling it was not and is not 100% accurate. In 2013, there was a petition filed to amend the identity of milk by not having to label a milk product as “low calorie” or “sugar free” because of the addition of any non nutrient sweetener added to milk. BUT it would have had to be labeled on the ingredients list. Now before you get all bent out of shape about them adding this to your child’s flavored milk products, know that it has not been done, as of March 2019 due to public outcry. Also understand that anything they add to dairy products will actually have to be labeled on the ingredients list.

The problem most people had that actually new about the real petition to the FDA was that having the carton labeled as, “low calorie” or “sugar free” only prompted people to check out the ingredients list to see if it was sweetened with something natural, such as Stevia or Monk fruit, as opposed to artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame and saccharin. But what does it mean to make flavored milk and other sweetened dairy products with an added non-nutrient sweetener? Well the government’s claim is that it makes products that are consumed in large amounts less likely to make a person obese. That may be true, in some small part. And I mean in a very small part. No doubt American’s consume to much sugar each day of their lives. But that is not the main reason for obesity! In fact, it plays a very small part in the obesity epidemic. What they do not want you to know is that genetically modified food (GMO’s) are the main cause of our obesity epidemic.

Now pair that with an over consumption of sugar and to the huge food portions that American’s are used to eating daily, and you have an epidemic of obesity. That is what gives rise to heart disease, diabetes and a whole slew of diseases and disorders that as a country, we are now dealing with on unfathomable levels. Why is it that we have to eat so many calories each meal, each day? Is it because our food used to contain 14 nutrients, vitamins and minerals and in 2019 our food contains 7…maybe? True by the way. Is it because we are larger humans that the rest of the world? Definitely not the largest country of people…look at Russian people who are a lot bigger than us, but not obese! Maybe it’s because our food tastes better so we just want to eat more. It could be because the DNA in our bodies has been changed and is still being changed by our unnatural modern day lifestyles.

Well to honest, it is all of the above in pyramid fashion. If you ever get to where you decide to count your calories for 1 month. You are going to notice a trend. In general, American’s eat enough calories in 1 meal to last the entire day. However, we get hungry half way through the day and then we eat a meal like that again and we have just consumed a day and a half worth of calories. Then comes our last meal of the day…another whopper of calories. For a lot of people, that is everyday. And if that is your everyday you have just consumed enough calories in 1 day for 2- 2.5 days worth. That is not a joke people! The next time you go to some restaurant, say, Denny’s, look at the menu. They have the calories listed. 1 Skillet meal is the equivalent of 700+-1000+ calories. For most people, in a sedentary lifestyle (most Americans) that is almost enough calories for an entire day…for a man.

When you are eating the same amount of calories in a sedentary way of life as does the average active male you are going to be gaining a very large amount of weight and in a short time. But the problem is not all personally the people’s problem. You see in the beginning of this article I mentioned something about our food containing just 7 nutrients/minerals/vitamins when it used to contain 14 essential nutrients. Here is the medical scoop- When you are not consuming the proper amount and types of nutrients in your food each meal, your body starves. That nagging feeling that you are hungry does not come for not having food in your belly as much as not having the nutrients in your body/bloodstream. Your body does not starve from lack of eating food, it starves from lack of nutrition. So because you are eating nutrient deficient food you have a nutrient deficient body and you are hungry more often and have to eat more food and more calories just to feel full and satisfied.

So now you want to know how to change this. It’s real hard, what you have to do is eat real food, organic, non-GMO food, fresh, raw foods. Fruits, vegetables, fish, clean meats (no red meat), eat food that is not overcooked or microwaved, food that is grown and not produced in a laboratory, no refined and highly processed junk. That is how you get full quicker without consuming huge amounts of calories, make it last longer and get more nutrients which give you better health and lasting full energy throughout the day. Most American’s are iron deficient for sure. Cook your food in cast iron and stop cooking in Teflon products, Teflon infuses into your food and you eat that, that is a heavy poisonous metal. Iron is a healthy metal that is found throughout the body and an essential part of life. Cooking in cast iron will add back the iron that is hardly in our foods today.

In closing, getting back to the 2013 proposed identity change of our dairy products with artificial sweeteners added. Just stay away from artificial sweeteners. They are more dangerous for your health than not and sugar is not the main culprit in people’s obesity issue. If you really want to replace sugar with something non-nutrient then use Stevia, Monk Fruit, Honey, Erythritol, Xylitol or Yacon Syrup. Those will give you a sweet hit and not add calories and are not artificial, so not dangerous. Your child should not have to worry about the little bit of real sugar that is in flavored dairy products as children’s bodies can regulate that pretty well. Their metabolism has not slowed like an adults. Consuming dairy anything is a whole other article, I won’t get into that here. Remember, anything in moderation should not be an issue, and overindulgence in anything should be avoided.

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