My New Book Is Available

Hello, this is a blog post about my newest book titled, “Preparing For The Collapse-Foraging, Growing and Making Natural Medicine”.

Most of you that follow my blog know that I am a published author. I am creeping up on about 50 books I’ve written and published, myself, and that are all available in Kindle and paperback on and across the internet in many places there books are sold. I write about natural living, spirituality, survival, prepping, off grid living, organic life, homesteading, self help, how to books on the same subjects, outdoor life, gardening, herbalism, natural medicine and the likes.

I’ve been practicing and perfecting herbalism for about 28 years and in my new book I tell you how to survive when the grid goes down and we are in the midst of a lawless society…which when the grid goes down will become our reality in as soon as 73 hours, according to expert opinions. There is no if and or but about this folks. Over the last few years we have watched a hand full of countries succumb to this very event. First the collapse of their economy and within days, the collapse of their very way of life. Venezuela, the most recent collapse, is still in the forefront of many headlines today, and that happened 2 years ago.

What do you think will become the medicine of the future when this happens? After the medical stockpiles are gone and the fuel is gone that is being used to run the last of the emergency generators at hospitals, in a last ditch effort to save the dying, all there will be is natural medicine. Medicine that grows in the forest, in the fields and meadows and fine tuned lawns across the world. The doctors of the future are not technologically smarter than today’s and the medicine is not some advanced form of modern day medicine. We will, no doubt, go backwards because history has shown us this. Your doctors will be herbalists, those that can walk through the woods and show you what you can use for what issues.

Medicine that has been around for eons, yet humanity refuses to acknowledge, currently, because there is just not a lot of money to be made in good health and from medicine that grows wild in national forests that can not be patented and owned. In my book, “Preparing For The Collapse-Foraging, Growing and Making Natural Medicine”. I show you how to grow your own organic garden. I tell you what to plant, how to grow it and why I suggest it. But some stuff grows wild in nature so it is wiser to forage sometimes, so I teach you how to walk through the woods and find natural medicine that way too. Then chapter after chapter I tell you how to diagnose illness, how to tell if you are dealing with a bacterial or viral infection and how to go about treating the problem using your own natural medicine.

Of course I couldn’t leave out an entire chapter on how to take the herbs you grow and forage for and make it into powerful medicine. From cover to cover this book was written with one thing in mind, survival during a SHTF event, which many believe is coming sooner than later to our own nation. From Herbal tinctures to Herbal salves to Herbal infusions, decoctions etc., I tell you step by step, with pictures all through the book, how to make your own medicine that works and has worked since the beginning of time. You will become the medicine men and women of the new age and people will look to you to cure and heal them.

Even if you are an advanced practitioner, this book has been written with advanced knowledge from my own schooling and learning. In 1998 I decided to enter the US Military with one thing in mind, to attend medical school, learn all I could about combat life saving skills and get the much needed medical doctor experience I would need to survive the future. A smart move that got me into medical school, EMT, emergency nursing and Paramedic trained and years of experience as a medical specialist treating actual patients and it cost me not 1 cent. With that knowledge I came home, years later, and went right back into my studies as a natural doctor. Today, all that medical training and experienced paired with almost 30 years of herbal and natural medicine wisdom come together to write this book,“Preparing For The Collapse-Foraging, Growing and Making Natural Medicine”.

So you and your family will have a better chance at surviving what many believe is coming to America, the end of life as we know it…yea I know, but the people of Venezuela said the same thing…it will never happen here, but it did…all you can do is be ready. Get my book today before it’s to late…you’ve a lot to learn doc.

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