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I built the newsroom to keep potential customers and fans informed about everything associated with the site. When there is a 2nd edition of a book in the works or when a new service or product will be offered, I announce it. If you want to truly stay informed with all the changes taking place with my books, services, and just everything associated with the website (Forgotten Wisdom), come often and use the newsroom as the place to get your updates. It is kept up to date. If you have been keeping up with the 2022 changes to the site here, you will remember I had announced the coming of the 2nd Edition to the books titled, “Preparing for the collapse- Food Production Basics”.

Well, in the last few weeks a lot has taken place in the world and so it seems the book is needed NOW. So, I pushed real hard and instead of Spring of 2022, the new edition is available NOW. Also, because of the expansion of the book’s content, it will now be available in hardback alongside the already available paperback and Ebook formats. Ebook formats are not available here on the site just yet, but I will be working on that this year. However, if you search the book’s title on Amazon, you will find the Ebook formats of all my books. The paperback and hardback (new editions) are available now in the bookstore. Be on the lookout for the new edition of, “Preparing for the collapse- How TO Live Off The Grid” as well.

I am currently working very hard to get that 2nd edition ready too! I will not advertise a date because I want it done now and from the looks of things, people are going to need this knowledge NOW. Along with this 2bd edition comes the availability of the book as hardback, too. Also, in the works, is the 4th book in the series which will be titled, “Preparing for the Collapse- Food Preservation and Storage with Recipes”. This book will be released in hardback, paperback, and Ebook formats all at the same time and I am currently shooting for Spring of 2022 with this one as well. So, there ya go, so much in the works, stay focused!

This blog contains affiliate links. Clicking on any of the links does not change anything for the buyer, it only results in a percentage of the sale given to me as the affiliate marketer. I will never share a link or product that I do not endorse or use myself. Thank you for your support!

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