Ten things you should know before moving off-grid

1. You do not have to go through a bank to buy off-grid land. There are companies that have proven track records of trust that will sell you a plot of land, at a decent price, for a very small down payment and a very small closing fee. No credit check, no banks, just cash and carry.

2. You can buy solar panels by the pallet load at 50 percent cheaper than the regular price. The reason it is sold to you at 50 percent cheaper is that usually one of the panels, on the pallet, has been broken and they can not break the pallet apart, so you catch a hefty discount.

3. How to grow rabbit fodder before investing years of money into rabbit feed. Fodder is cheaper and grows very fast. One-time investment for fodder seed and you will be able to grow your own rabbit food all the time.

4. How expensive it is to have a well drilled on your property? In Texas County alone, it can range from $5,000 to $7,000 for a decent well. I have since learned how to dig my own well, but here in rock central Missouri, it is a task I do not wish to undertake myself.

5. Companion growing is an ancient technique. Dealing with growing your own food, companion growing will take a load off of you when it comes to organic pest control and weed control and your harvest will be better.

6. You can get free wooden pallets and scrap wood all over most towns, for free, that can be used to build your cabin, furniture, animal pens, and all sorts of other things. Do this instead of investing large amounts of money in retail lumber.

7. There are thousands of communities nationwide, many off-grid, that you can join before making your permanent leap off-grid, where you can learn tons of off-grid skills that will make life much easier when you decide to take your leap (www.ic.org).

8. Learn all the wild fruit trees for your area before you buy a fully wooded property and go hacking a lot of trees down so you have a place to put what will be your home. You will want to preserve your wild fruit trees, not chop them down.

9. Baker Creek Heirloom seed company is the world’s biggest heirloom seed store and is available online. Why is this important? You will want to make sure you are growing non-GMO seeds when you begin producing your family’s food. Heirloom seeds are non-GMO.

10. Learn how much wood you have to have to burn each year for wood heat, for your area. It is important you think this through if you plan on using your own wood for all your heating and cooking needs. Today’s cheap saws are not meant to cut wood like off-grid life demands.

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