Impossible Vs Beyond Meat- What You Need To Know

Let’s talk about your newly adopted plant-based diet, you know, the one that was part of that 2022 resolution to eat healthier. Maybe you understand the connection your diet has with your spiritual vibration, and you wanted to work on that, as well. So, what is available? Well, we have the two biggest plant-based companies competing for your money. There is the “Impossible” company, you know the one, it is the same company that Burger King uses, these days, for their Impossible Whopper. Then we have the “Beyond Meat” company who is the rival of “Impossible” and they go head-to-head, competing for your money. So, this is what I want to talk about. Because you are new to the plant-based eating world, or you may not be but still understand you can always learn a bit more, I am here to teach you a little something.

Now, if you already know what I am about to put out there, good for you, now go and help spread the truth. However, if you do not know this, you will. So, what is the major difference between the two companies, and what is it that has gotten me up in a roar about them? Because I do not like to hesitate, I will just lay it out there. The Impossible company uses genetically modified ingredients to create their monstrosities! Yes, you read that right, the Impossible plant-based company is GMO. Now, to place the two in perspective, the Beyond Meat company does NOT use GMO ingredients and it says it right on the packages too. No genetically modified ingredients for the Beyond Meat company.

Now if you are sitting there with your jaw open and chin on the floor, don’t be surprised. You see the plant-based industry is as big as it is because the people are demanding it. The movement for plant-based/non-GMO/Organic etc. is in full swing. People are finally beginning to see that it does matter what you eat and if we are going to survive, then evolution has got to take place. So, because plant-based eating does not involve as interesting or as large of a selection as mainstream eating does, they have to make changes, and unfortunately, people are coming into the plant-based diet world expecting way more of a selection of food than is normal. How are the companies making up for their lost dollar because you switched?

They are using bioengineering to create more plant-based options. After all, there actually IS NO such thing as a plant-based cow, pig, or chicken. However, with bioengineering, it is possible. People, there is NOTHING good about GMOs, there is NOTHING good about bioengineering food! If you have not done the research on the health risks of eating GMO food, I highly suggest you make that your next stop. Now, usually, you can find these two companies’ products side-by-side, in any grocery store that sells one or the other, that is what makes it sicker. I mean, you have this massive movement to a plant-based diet, but the people are ignorant to what is being fed to them, literally and the companies out there, that do not care, they are not going to tell you!

However, there have been laws passed and if you look on the back of the Impossible company’s products you will see that it is labeled as genetically modified, except they try and sugar coat it and use the term “Bioengineered”. I do not want you to be fooled and I know, for a fact, that this is what is happening all over. Look at the back of the labels to anything you purchase to eat these days, if you see this symbol, it is GMO and you do not want to eat nor support that. It is true, we vote with our dollar, and if everyone understood that there would be much less cheap crap like these GMO foods in our stores. I for one will not stand for it and will not purchase any product that is labeled as bioengineered or genetically modified, I don’t care what words they use if it is not real food and as natural as it should be…they can keep it!

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