How To Home-Make Strawberry Wine

Every year people from all walks of life make their own beer and wine at home. Most may make their own wines to just enjoy, personally or socially when the need arises. However, there are also medicinal qualities to a good bottle of wine and many ways in which the wine can improve your life and health without putting more strain on your wallet. Each year fresh fruit is available that can be used to make your wine the best it can be.

It is to your advantage to only make wine using fresh fruit during the fruit’s actual season. This will ensure the best-tasting wine and the highest medicinal content. If you grow your own fruit to make wines with, you can save yourself even more money by not even shopping in the stores. This also ensures that you know what was sprayed on the fruit when it was grown, of course, organically grown fruit is the safest.

The Recipe

You will need:

  • Gallon jar
  • 3 lbs strawberries
  • 3 lbs sugar
  • cheesecloth of jar lid
  • 1-gallon water

Wine Ingredients:

  • 3 pounds of strawberries washed
  • 1 gallon of filtered water
  • 3 lbs of sugar


First- Mash the strawberries until the mixture is well crushed. This is usually the best part, especially for the kids. Just have them put on some plastic gloves and get to smashing the berries in a large bowl, pan, or bucket.

Second- Pour the crushed berries into a wide-mouth gallon jar. A recycled pickle jar does a great job.

Third- Heat the water and mix in the sugar to melt it down well.

Fourth- Pour the water and sugar mix into the jar of crushed strawberries.

Fifth- Place cheesecloth or jar lid over the top of the jar so that bugs and dust stay out. Do not seal the jar, fermentation creates gases that have to escape.

Sixth- Place gallon jar in an environment of about 70 degrees. In a cabin, a loft is a great place! Allow the wine to sit and ferment for about 5 days.

Seventh- Once wine bubbling (fermentation) has stopped, strain the mixture by pouring it through clean cheesecloth into a clean container. Make sure to squeeze the cloth to get out all the good stuff.

Eighth- Pour wine back into a clean gallon jar and seal with a lid. Place in a cool place to store for up to 6 months and enjoy daily.

Wine in the making!

Special Instructions

Some people, that have never fermented anything, will not quite understand how something that is actually supposed to be “bad” (soured or spoiled) can be so good for you and safe to consume. The fact is, there are bad and good bacteria and when you are fermenting something this way you are creating and using good bacteria.

So, when you see a white mesh forming on the top of your strawberry wine, scrape it off, throughout the fermentation process. This will keep the wine clean and it will also keep it breathing properly. If your wine ever grows green mesh or black on top, it should be composted and never consumed.

Some people will tell you to stir the wine, carefully, daily, but I have found this is not necessary and it still turns out ok if you just leave it be. You want to ferment the wine for 5-7 days before you chill it and drink it. Also, strawberry wine does not age well and so it should be consumed immediately as opposed to storing it in a root cellar like you would other wines.

Fresh Strawberries

Seven Health Benefits of Wine

What are some health benefits of drinking just a glass of wine a day?

1- Well, without talking about the actual medicinal benefits, one obvious health benefit is that it can be used to replace some of your over-the-counter (OTC) drugs for pain and a few other issues.

2- Drinking just a glass of wine a day can reduce your stress and make you feel calmer throughout your day.

3- Drinking a glass of wine a day actually has been shown to reduce heart disease and heart attacks. Scientists understand that antioxidants, called flavonoids, lower the chance of coronary heart disease

4- Drinking wine spurs your digestive system to work better because wine is fermented fruit. Fermented foods are very good for your digestive system.

5- Drinking a glass of wine a day will reduce cholesterol, after all, you are consuming your daily fruit need, aren’t you?

6- Drinking a glass of wine a day has the ability to lower the risk of cataracts, stroke, and colon cancer.

7- There are studies that suggest a glass of wine a day slows brain decline making your mind function better, and longer.

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