The quest for higher education in a pre-apocalyptic war era

Higher education…. let’s look at the truth, and you can research this. America is the most under-educated civilization on the planet. Our modern days’ schools do not educate you with information that will keep you alive when shit hits the fan (SHTF). Instead, America, today, is like Nazi Germany and is indoctrinating its young as either potential military customers, political puppets, societal slaves, or a consumer. They wave BS ideas and promises in front of your face and make erroneous promises of a bright and prosperous future if you get your higher education. But it’s all based on consumerism, buy, buy buy. They tell you that you need more stuff, you need the next big thing, and that you need to become more when all they are doing is creating their next puppet or slave in society.

If you fall into their mind games you will forever become blind to the truths that those who have awakened know. Their lies and mind retraining await you disguised as, “this is all there is to life”.

My daughter has been home-schooled her whole life and graduated at the age of 16, while most public-school kids are still trying to learn to get out of high school at the age of 18. She is more educated than public school kids, because of how we live on a self-sufficient, sustainable homestead, off the grid in the forest. Also because of who her teacher is, her father, she is smarter than most any American girl her age anywhere and has never attended college and does not plan on it. She has been taught things that kids, today, will never learn in college. Such as the truth behind who really discovered the North American continent and what really took place with the Indian Removal Act of 1886.

Most smart young folks won’t find what they are looking for in the public school system, especially, “higher education”, such as college. What they will find, is debt, and lots of it. Lies and deceit too brainwashing, for sure, and training to be a consumer, what the shadow government refers to as “a productive person in society”. This brainwashing will tell you that your life has a need for more money, which is not even yours in the first place and which does not even truly exist.

When push comes to shove in a collapsing society, such as the US, you won’t need to be a college graduate, you will need to be able to survive! This country is on the brink of WW3, another civil war, and the collapse of its entire economy starting with its doomed financial system. You should research this heavily ASAP if you have no idea what I am referring to, or if you are skeptical. What sort of “power” or “position in society” would a person want in a society that is doomed, set to fall, and is almost entirely based on a fallen empire (Rome). The idea of the US society, and now, most of the world, is not to prolong its citizens’ lives, but instead, to deteriorate its citizens’ minds, bodies, and spirits using whatever means possible, with the sole purpose of controlling the people?

Someone might say, “well I want to be able to have a say so in lives and be respected for my opinion and status while helping other people, so I need to go to college and graduate”. If you sit and think about this, what could be more helpful for people than using natural medicine and natural healing methods to heal people? Natural medicine and natural healing methods have been around for thousands of years with a massive success history compared to our really new modern-day medicine that does nothing but creates more medical problems and more medical customers! What about teaching them to survive the coming apocalypse or growing and raising or foraging for their own food instead of relying on big corporations to feed them?

The shadow government’s true evil intentions are on poisoning the population, making people dumber, and making them sick with all sorts of methods, one of which is genetically modifying “food” (GMOs) so it is easier to control them. What about teaching people that they don’t have to be a slave to an evil society that does not care for them? There are many ways to do this, teaching them to live off the land, live sustainably, and more self-sufficient is a start! You do not need a college education, or a degree, to do that. All you need to really do is get on board with those that are already doing this and learn what you need to know, for yourself, and then teach others, starting with your family! People need to know, that there is another way to live than what society and the shadow government wants them to believe, there is a more natural way to live, in harmony with the universe and with a gift of “divine health”, a way that was meant for humanity to live.

You show me where in society, where, in modern-day college, you can learn this yourself and can teach this without restraint. You want respect, do all that I just wrote about, teach someone how to feed their family, show them how to heal themselves or do it for them using free, natural medicine, show them that they can live happier, healthier…and get in with a good group of people that will help them and respect them for their decision to be a better person, to not be another sheep of society. Those like the people in self-sufficient/sustainable communities, around the world. You’ll have loads of respect because of who you are, the decision you’ve made to be more realistic, lessen your carbon footprint on the planet, and for what you know and what you do for others.

Let’s get real, I am not trying to blow smoke in your eyes, I am just trying to open those eyes that the college door is not the answer and that you do not NEED this path, hands down. Today’s country, the world, is not the same as it was decades ago when higher education diplomas and degrees and such actually had some sway. Today’s world, especially in the US relies heavily on a position that is obtained not through degrees and schooling, but through sex appeal, political sway, empty promises, and hands-on experience. Those that have what the person in charge wants, and I am not talking about education, get the job. Besides, working in society is just one way to live and not THE only way. It was not too long ago when most of the US were farmers, homesteaders, and living life to its fullest. A time when people were not so sick, overweight and ignorant, or just plain dumb. Just look at the 2015statistics of college people that are unemployed or just not working in the field they spent a good portion of their young lives learning about and all their money!

The unemployment rate for college graduates ages 20-24 this August 2016, was 10.8 percent. For those with a Bachelor’s degree, the number was 10.6 percent while those with a Master’s degree faced a 17.2 percent unemployment rate, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The truth is, and you can look this up, most of those that go to college for a good part of their young lives and who spend untold amounts of money on loans and such to get that schooling, actually end up, more and not less, either unemployed or working a job that they did not go to college for. Because that is today’s world. It’s not about what you know, it’s who you know and what you are willing to do to get the position, that matters. Then in the end you are still nothing more than either a part of the bigger problem or just another slave to society and all its conformity. Isn’t life worth more than all that? Isn’t life worth living better, healthier, freer? Isn’t life worth actually living to learn instead of learning to live (how they want you to live)?

The question is, and this I leave with you when you have that paper (degree) in your hands, and if those with all the schooling get the job, what does the world respect more…you or the degree?

Think about this tonight, when you find yourself idle. What would you do tomorrow, if you woke up to reports of the banks in the US closed and there was no more money? No more law, just martial law with the store shelves practically empty and no electricity nationwide because the electrical grid was attacked and permanently shut down. No gas pumps would work, no trucks would haul food to stores, no computers working, no cellphones would work, what would you do? How would you feed yourself, and your family? And what if that morning, you heard the cause was because WW3 was in full swing, and the country was under martial law? Would you be ready to survive this? Would you have a safe place to go, to be? There won’t be any jobs, no businesses open, and no schools in session. What would you do?

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