Be Vigilant, Be Aware, Be GMO-Free

Many products on the market today are safe to eat. Many say they are safe to eat but unofficial test results say otherwise, and that would be the genetic modification of our food system. I do not care who you are, what you tell me, what you show me…intuition should be the final judgment paired with the response of your own body. Just because the testing of GMO foods and their health dangers are not officially sponsored, does not mean they are any less eye-opening and accurate. In fact, the results of such tests are probably even more believable since there are not the government minions and their deep pocket sponsors covering the facts. You see, good health is great, but it doesn’t make a lot of money.

So, be vigilant when you shop. Be aware of what you are buying. Be GMO-free because you do not have to eat GMO foods. In fact, there is actually nothing wrong with preparing a meal at home from its actual ingredients and choosing non-genetically altered products. It is not hard to spot GMOs now. We have gotten laws passed which make labeling GMOs mandatory. It was silently passed, they did not announce it big or anything because the powers that be are not even interested in you knowing what is in the food you eat. They just want you to shut up, pay up and eat up. Don’t ask questions and they were quoted saying, the American people are too stupid to understand the genetic modification of food.

They expect you to listen to their lies and keep your mouth closed. However, that is not going to happen for most of us. In fact, a huge movement is taking place, an awakening to the potential dangers associated with people’s diets. So, does labeling the products take all the doubt from a food product? Nope! Because there are always loopholes and so that brings me to the reason I am writing this blog. Number 1- It usually says, “Bioengineered” or “produced with bioengineered ingredients” and sometimes there is nothing but a QR code. If you are too lazy to scan the code, you would never know! They are using this against you. They know that most people are actually too lazy to scan a label. Many are even too lazy to read a regular label!

Number 2- They are hiding GMOs behind the food that you know isn’t genetically modified in hopes that you will purchase the product without doing any checking. Taking advantage of trust. One such product I learned about recently. Would anyone purchase a package of pre-cooked Jasmine rice, no flavors, just plain rice and believe they could be purchasing a genetically modified product? Not usually. We know there is no GMO rice…yet. So, in seeing a package of pre-cooked original flavor rice, such as Jasmine or Basmati, most people would just grab it, and move on. So, the product I want to spotlight in today’s blog is, Ben’s Ready Rice-Jasmine. In the pictures, you can see all the information. It’s just Jasmine rice, no flavors.

However, it contains bioengineered ingredients of soy and canola oils. Why are these oils added to plain ole Jasmine rice which takes nothing more than water to cook? You got me, but it probably has something to do with the caking effect or spoilage of having pre-cooked rice available in a shelf-stable package. Most people would read labels, these days if they suspected possible modification. However, when you see nothing but a package of rice… it’s rare to decide to read the label which should only read “Jasmine Rice”. I want to be clear here. Convenience is nice, sometimes. But when you let convenience rule your entire life you are cutting corners where health will be affected.

In saying that food it takes 20 minutes to cook enough fresh rice and a skill level of 1! Two cups of water, and one cup of rice, boil, cover-simmer, rest, and eat up. It is actually that easy. Just buy good dry rice and cook it ahead of time or while you are busy doing other things in the kitchen and eat real food over processed junk. Your body and family will thank you and you don’t even need ANY oil. So, be vigilant, be aware, and remain, GMO-free.

This blog contains affiliate links. Clicking on one of the links does not change a thing about the product or it’s price, you will be directed to the website where your purchase will result in a small commission sale for me, that is all. Thank you for your support!

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