The Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners- Sucralose

Sucralose, sometimes sold in those, well-known, little pink and blue packets, is being used in many things that are sugar-free and “light”, specifically for diabetics, and to sweeten foods and beverages, such as diet drinks where “real’ sugar is not used in. Those little packets of flavoring that you can buy to add to your water to make it have a certain flavor, such as Crystal light and some grocery store brand names flavor enhancers, have for the longest time dominated the shelves and certainly dominated your health. Diet, light, or sugar-free products are not sweetened with sugar or cane juice or anything that is even remotely healthy. Instead, they are sweetened with artificial sweeteners.

These artificial sweeteners are now even being sought out by people that are trying to lose weight. They think that by consuming less sugar they will lose weight; the problem is it’s not the sugar that is packing the pounds on. It’s all the artificial ingredients that are being placed in food, genetically modified foods as well as food portion sizes that are the main culprits, although there are more reasons. A lot of artificial ingredients, that is synthetic man-made stuff instead of all-natural ingredients (chemically lab-made), as well as artificial sweeteners and artificial flavor enhancers such as MSG (monosodium glutamate), have the ability to cause you to gain excess weight.

That is because they work on the brain and other systems of the body and cause things to get out of whack. So, when it is time to stop eating the trigger that says you are full does not work. If you are still ingesting products that contain sucralose and/or giving these products to your kids, you should really look into stopping and detoxing your body as soon as you can. Some say that the tests on some artificial sweeteners like saccharin are inconclusive, but anything that causes cancer because it is a carcinogen should never be allowed into the food and beverages of the public, and seriously should never be given to your kids. According to Dr. Mercola, “Is it proven safe? Does it provide any benefit to the public? Does it help with weight loss?

Are there any long-term human studies? Has it been shown to be safe for the environment? The answer to all of these questions is, unfortunately, a resounding NO.” We have more information today that tells us all we need to know about all artificial sweeteners, not just sucralose but all those that are just like it as well. Artificial anything is not good for the body, and we have linked artificial flavor enhancers added to foods and beverages to obesity, cancers, neurological issues, depression, and mental imbalances, to name just a few. Most of us have heard all the talk about the GMO crops that Monsanto is producing and slowly but surely replacing real food with. Well, synthetic sugar substitutes are actually the GMOs of sugar.

Sucralose is created by chemically changing the structure of the sugar molecules by substituting three chlorine atoms for three hydroxyl groups, known as “chlorinating”. Research in animals has shown that sucralose can cause many problems in rats, mice, and rabbits, such as:

  • Shrunken thymus glands (up to 40% shrinkage)
  • Enlarged liver and kidneys.
  • Atrophy of lymph follicles in the spleen and thymus
  • Increased fecal weight
  • Reduced growth rate
  • Decreased red blood cell count
  • Hyperplasia of the pelvis
  • Extension of the pregnancy period
  • Aborted pregnancy
  • Decreased fetal body weights and placental weights
  • Diarrhea

Now sucralose has been found to be excreted in human feces and urine, so the body does not metabolize or soak up 100% of the substance. The question is, is this substance harmful to the environment? Although it is flushed down a toilet when the water is treated and released back into the environment where does all this raw material from the sucralose go, what is it doing to the earth? Will it turn back up in our water supply just like drugs are doing now? Who knows how it will affect other animals that later drink this water even the fish and other aquatic wildlife could be affected in some negative way. The answer is, that the FDA has not said that any testing needs to be done to see whether or not this substance is contaminating the environment or if anything is taking place with it after leaving the human body or the wastewater treatment plant.

In fact, this is just like the truth that the FDA has not said that there needs to be any long-term testing to see what effect sucralose has on humans. If you want to make sure you stay away from any products containing sucralose here is a complete list of the products that use it.

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