Making Money With Your Land- Part 1

#1- Timber Sales

So you finally took that step that most people are afraid to take, you have bought yourself a piece of off-grid property deep in the country and are starting to live your dream life, homesteading. First off, congratulations, you have done the hardest part and most people cannot even get themselves to do that much! Now comes the fun part, learning how to homestead and live off the grid and how to use the land to pay for itself. There are so many ways you can make money when you own your own property and the more you own the easier it is to do so because you have more options and more resources. The land can pay for itself if you have the hard work to put into it. I know many people that have sold some of the timber off their new property and that alone paid for their land. One thing is for sure the road will be hard but worth it.

Let’s start with the basics.

If you purchased a property that is covered with trees you have a lot of money just waiting to be grabbed. There are companies that will come to your place and pay you to have them clear your land of certain trees. I am not talking about clear-cutting as that just ruins the place, but logging certain timber is always an option and usually pays well. Over $100 a log is what you can usually expect. So, do just a small amount of math and sell, say, 50 trees. You just made $5000 and most logging companies pay a little more than $100 a log. Not to mention, all the brush left behind becomes awesome mulch if you get them or another company to mulch it and then that is saleable too. It is also beneficial when used in your organic gardens on your homestead and animal houses, for bedding and moisture control. All this involves is contacting timber companies and telling them that you have standing timber for sale all they have to do is come cut it. Someone will come to your land, survey the standing timber and offer you a price.

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Then once it is all said and done, they cut it all, hopefully, clean it up mostly and you are left with a check and another potential money maker, fresh mulch. You can sell your timber to a company or an individual. Just make sure you check out the going rates before you do that so you are not cutting yourself short.

Firewood sales

There are always people looking for firewood during the cold months and they will come cut the wood and haul it and you get paid. Some will want the wood already split for them but the price is usually higher if you do work for them. In some places a rick of wood is 8 feet long, 2 feet wide and 4 feet high and sells for about $100-$150 dollars, split and delivered. If you make a simple, free website and use Vista Print to get some free items that advertise your business, you could get a list of firewood clients lined up for the winter. You will need to start cutting firewood well before winter to make sure you can get it delivered in time and before bad weather. I know this man that made a business out of nothing but cutting firewood and he got all his firewood for free.

He would go to places where people wanted the land to be cleared and clear it and take all the wood home, cut and split it and sell it at his place of residence. He actually was able to retire doing that. A lot of places have websites that have been set up just for certain towns or counties. Sites that are like community networking places. If you are in an area that does this you can advertise on the site and you will gain local customers. For example, I know that where I live there is a site where we can sell trade, and buy anything, and there are sections for firewood sales and a wanted area, even a free area. All you need to get this going is a truck to deliver wood in, a chainsaw or two, and some help. Some business cards and fliers will be good to have too.

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Charge a price per truckload and then charge a separate price per truckload split. You can use the firewood too in your wood stove or fireplace, so you will not be going out of your way to cut the wood. If you do not have wood, on your own property, to cut and sell there are always people advertising that they are looking for someone to come log their land. Clear their standing timber for free, all they want is for it to be cleared. You can always find someone to sell it to if you do not need it. Even if they want to pay you to cut the timber and have you take it away, you are making double the profit.

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