Review of Teeter Creek Ivy Aid: Herbal ivy remedy


Spring will soon be here, spring breaks will go into full swing and the kids will be out more playing in the woods and the back yard so it is time for the poison ivy and oak to begin! Now there are plenty of over the counter stuff that you can buy that will eventually help the skin irritation clear up. Problem is some of them are very expensive and they seem to always take forever to work. If that’s not the complaint then maybe you just hate that you now have a pink kid!

There are some clear applications on the market but have you looked at the ingredients in that stuff? Who wants to put that on their or their kid’s skin? There are home remedies that work that maybe mom or grandma taught you as a child such as the oat meal bath. But there is a product that works so well that I was even impressed and that is Teeter Creek’s Ivy Aid. It comes as a tincture made with distilled water and pure grain alcohol at a mix of 45-50% 1:2 extract.

Because it is a tincture all you do is apply the liquid externally to the affected areas. It will however turn the area a light tan color because it contains a mix of sassafras root bark. But that is still better than a pink kid, at least your kid looks like he or she is getting a sun tan. My daughter got poison ivy, from walking with me through the woods. Shortly after she was broke out and got itchy we began looking for an herbal remedy.

After an initial visit to the local herb store the clerk recommended this Teeter Creek Herbal Ivy Aid so we decided to try it. To my surprise her bout of poison ivy had cleared up in a matter of about 3 or 4 days and the itching had stopped immediately. Every time she started itching she would apply the tincture extract and it would stop. The bottle is a one ounce dropper bottle that only costs around $7.00. Now how is that for a bottle of other stuff that will cost you about $5.00 usually.

You can get this remedy at most all herb stores and most natural food stores as well as online through the Shikata Eco-Village and Homestead. 1 oz. will last you a long time because when you put the extract on the affected area it goes on thin but works so well. In less than a week my daughter now has her clear skin back. In fact I used this on one area my wife had on her arm and it cleared her place up in the same amount of time.

A quick glance at the ingredients in this remedy tells you that you could make the extract yourself. All you need is some Sassafras Root Bark, Jewel Weed herb, Grindelia Flower and Plantain Leaf. To make the extract you will need to take each of those herbs and steep them for about two weeks in 100 proof vodka or distilled water (alcohol works better). Steep the herbs in any clean jar with a lid kept in a dark cupboard. Shake the liquid in the jars once a day for about two weeks.

After straining the herb from the liquid mix equal amounts of the tinctures into a clean jar with a lid. You can keep the liquid extract as long as you like, there is probably around a 5 year shelf life for the mix but you will probably use it before that time. You can get all those herbs online, at an herb shop and most natural food stores. Plantain actually grows wild in your lawn, just make sure that any wild harvested herb is free of pesticides and other pollution.

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