How To Home Diagnose & Treat A Fever

Your family member becomes ill, a fever arises and you become worried. Isn’t this how it usually goes? Well, a fever is not much cause to worry as much as the underlying problem. Let us start out with a bit of truth, shall we? Modern-day medicine does not treat the cause it treats the symptoms. “A pill for every ill”, they say. Americans have been taught that their doctor is the highest form of medical knowledge known to man and that we are to run to the doctor every time we get as much as a headache! Truth is, a fever is a little concern, even for a child, to rush off to the doctor or the emergency room.

How do we diagnose ourselves successfully and when is it even a safe thing to do? Humans for thousands of years have been taking care of themselves, and successfully, well before modern medicine. There are times when fever can spell trouble, but we first must understand why the fever exists in the first place. That is just what this article intends to share, how to home diagnose simple problems related to fever. As a small disclaimer, self-diagnosis should be followed up by a professional and should never be considered set in stone because even professional diagnosis can be wrong, often more than not, and with modern doctors, this is very true.

I am a medical professional, “Medical Specialist” is my title and I am a practicing herbalist as well as a natural living guru. I teach others to heal themselves using natural means and I heal myself and my family when needed and have for many years, using all-natural methods. Fever… can be the first sign the untrained parent/caregiver notices. Because of this, we will use fever as a means to look deeper. So once the fever is noticed your first thought should NOT be, “oh, I must lower this or fight this fever”. Instead, it should be, “what is causing the fever?” Although there can be many things that can cause fever, during the flu and cold season, which is usually considered late fall-early spring, fever can be the result of some of the most popular ills such as influenza.

However, do not let the tabloids, the news, the CDC, or the WHO tell you that influenza is rampid and so popular that when you get a fever during the active time that it IS indeed the flu. Most likely, it is not. It is actually rare to contract Influenza unless you work around a bunch of folks that are sick with this illness. For simplicity, I will use your children as a basis for teaching how to home diagnose a fever. Fact #1- Fever usually comes from a viral infection, not bacterial. A bacterial infection will result in a lower-grade fever, sometimes, but fever is not a usual symptom. If the fever does come it is usually after the bacterial infection becomes more advanced. By then, you will be in the hospital anyhow, probably.

A virus can result in a fever almost immediately. A high-grade fever is usually the result of a virus. So that brings us to what to do in the case of a suspected virus. Do we need antibiotics? NO. In fact, this is the number one reason that doctors have over-prescribed antibiotics today. It seems that every person that enters a doctor’s office, today, sick with fever is prescribed antibiotics just to get them out of the office as quick as possible to make room for the next customer. I call them customers because that is just what you are. Patients are treated properly, not treated as money-making opportunities.

If you medicate a virus it only gets worse, more powerful. This is why now we have superbugs that we can not kill. Your body will fight off a virus, in time, and because most people do not understand this fact, they take their prescribed drugs for the allotted time they are told and when the body finally fights off the virus, they think the drug has done the job. This is so far from the truth it makes me feel sick. This is no less than playing on the ignorance of the people. Your body is made to fight off viruses with no intervention. Yes, antivirals may help destroy what the body is fighting but there is no antibiotic that will heal you of your viral illness. When is the last time your doctor prescribed an antiviral to you??

Now if the illness is a bacterial infection and this is why the fever exists, antibiotics are a must. It can take a trained person to see the difference and know how to handle it. If you are not comfortable trying to decide if the fever is due to a virus or bacterial infection, seek professional assistance. Usually, in 7-10 days a virus will run its course and the body will fight it off, successfully. The fever can be seen as a tool and be controlled in the event it becomes too high, otherwise, leave it alone. If you are sick with a virus and this is the reason for the fever, it is time to power up your immune system.

I suggest treating your system with Echinacea and Lemon Grass tea every so often throughout the cold and flu season. During the next cold and flu season, your child becomes feverish and has some other symptoms one of which is coughing. This is an infection of the respiratory system. Luckily most all viral infections can be cured at home with time and natural interventions to make the person more comfortable during this time. However, if the infection is due to something such as pneumonia, this can also be viral or bacterial. Again, bacteria is a cause for more concern than viral lung infections.

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